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Our Services

EastSight Consulting offers tailored research, benchmarking, and analysis services to technology and communications organizations. Our industry experience and analytic skills provide the framework for each assignment with content provided by individualized research efforts.

Each EastSight Consulting assignment addresses your organization's critical business issues to maximize the value-add of the effort. Tangible results can come from enhancing revenue, finding new markets, improving products, or creating excellent organizations.

Revenue Enhancement

You may want to maximize your existing revenue opportunities through increased understanding of market dynamics and customer issues. Probing for more details about the customer's criteria for awarding business can help win deals. Determining how your marketplace, particularly for pricing and packaging, is changing assists you in pinpointing your own responses.

Product Improvements

How could your product or service be improved to better meet market demand? A third party can elicit unbiased, even surprising, opinions of vendors and their products from users that can be used to revise development plans. A different business model involving re-packaging of products and services could generate additional revenue from existing customers.

New Market Opportunities

Can your product or service be leveraged into new industry segments or geographies? Can your brand be extended into accessories or services? Would an acquisition or new partner provide new opportunities for you? Answer these and other questions with a new market opportunity study.

Organizational Excellence

Organization excellence should not be lost in the midst of economic problems because best-in-class functions can impact the bottom line. Superior customer support retains customers. And you may be able to provide superior support at a lower cost by examining best-in-class efforts of peers and out-of-industry organizations. Your human resources compensation plan or recruiting techniques could be out of time with the current market. Is your spending on information technology effective, especially in the area of e-business? These are just a few of the topics addressed in studies examining the effectiveness of organizations and functions.

Multi-Step Research and Analysis Methodology Provides Answers

EastSight Consulting utilizes a multi-step primary research methodology that gathers data from a series of qualitative interviews with knowledgeable individuals within the industry and at selected companies. Each one of our steps, outlined below, is critical for the success of the effort.

Extending Your Knowledge

EastSight Consulting works closely with you to insure that we are building on, not duplicating, your current knowledge. The focus of each project is forward-looking, a not summary of historical facts. The initial meetings or conversations also insure that the question set is carefully crafted to focus on the most critical business issues for your decision process.

Selecting Creditable Sources of Information

Benchmarking operations against peers and out-of-industry best practice firms gives you ideas on how to re-structure your processes or your organization. While your peers are grappling with similar issues, an organization in a different industry may have already developed a workable solution that you could adopt for your company. EastSight Consulting develops the list of potential benchmark partners to fit the criteria you select.

For all projects, a search of online databases augments our knowledge of the target areas or companies and develops a list of individuals to contact in the primary research phase.

Sophisticated Primary Research

The sources interviewed vary with the type of information desired. Interviews often begin with the information obtained from a secondary literature search and expand into the topics of special interest. These qualitative conversations delve into the key questions in an unstructured, but focused manner and vary in content and length depending on the project. While a consistent format is used during the discussion, the sophistication of the interviewer guides the flow of the conversation and avoids the rigidity of a survey instrument.

Communications Loop Insures Quality Product and Fast Utilization of Insight

Frequent communication between EastSight and its clients assures that assignments meet their objectives in a timely fashion. Each interview is written up immediately following the conversation and provided to the client. A discussion of these transcripts, which are as exact as possible without taping, provide clients with insight on a continuous basis. Information can be used as it is gathered instead of waiting until the final report.

Insightful Analysis and High-Impact Recommendations

An in-depth analysis synthesizes the data gathered during the project to highlight the significant points so you or the rest of your team can quickly integrate the insight into your operating plans. EastSight recommendations come from synthesizing and analyzing all the information that together provides a clear picture of the marketplace or the business issue. Our summary recommendations are concise and relevant to the business decision under consideration.

Implementation Assistance

EastSight Consulting can maximize the value of the insight received by working with you and your organization to implement our recommendations. This team effort reinforces the momentum of the effort and provides the extra effort that may be critical for the success of the project.

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