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Issues in Complex Pricing Research Clarified

EastSight Consulting President Parmelee Eastman Publishes Article on How to Do Pricing Research: “Improve your bottom line through pricing research

Wellesley, MA Dec. 4, 2002. EastSight Consulting announces that President Parmelee Eastman authored an article discussing how to perform pricing research. Ms. Eastman is an expert in the field and has successfully completed numerous assignments researching and analyzing actual pricing levels, trends, and structures in the technology and communications fields.

The article explores the complexity of pricing research and pricing patterns while offering useful suggestions. Questions that need to be asked before launching the project are highlighted followed by a discussion of how to find possible secondary and primary sources, both internal and external. In addition, she cautioned the reader about approaching other industry players since this could be considered illegal pricing collusion. She emphasized that there usually is no one price, or even a consistent pattern, and discussed the possible pricing scenarios that may be uncovered. The article is an excellent review of pricing research fundamentals.

The article, Improve your bottom line through pricing research, was published in SCIP.online n. 18 on Oct. 23, 2002 and received an above average number of reader hits. A copy of this article can be located on this web site under articles and white papers.

About EastSight Consulting

EastSight Consulting delivers high-quality, independent information and analysis to technology and communications clients facing critical business decisions on how to improve financial and operational performance. Using our in-depth research, analysis, and consulting services, clients raise revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and lower operational costs in an increasingly competitive marketplace. For more information, please contact president Parmelee Eastman, at 781/416-3686 or peastman@eastsightconsulting.com.

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