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EastSight Consulting offers a unique combination of advantages to clients:

Extensive Industry and Research Experience

EastSight Consulting CEO Parmelee Eastman has extensive industry knowledge, comprehensive research experience, and an excellent academic background. At Digital Equipment Corporation, she established an outstanding track record performing customer finance, sales, marketing, and managing the profit and loss of one of the largest districts in the United States. The unique combination of her firsthand knowledge of job and company functions, experience performing multiple research projects, and the strategic thinking instilled at Harvard Business School allow her to insure that EastSight Consulting produces high-quality results for clients.

Constant Verbal and Written Communications with Clients

Each interview is written down immediately following the conversation while the details are fresh in the researcher's mind. These written documents provide clients with nuances that become apparent with reading and reflection. They document what the experts are thinking and can easily be provided to all interested internal employees. They also provide a concrete set of information for the analysis phase. These transcripts form the basis for regularly scheduled discussions with clients about the information and the progress of the assignment. This feedback loop insures that the project maximizes the research phase and allows the client to utilize insight as received.

Analytic and Implementation Ability

Have you ever received information that you recognized as valuable, but did not know how to use it for maximum impact? The rapid change of the technology and communications industries results in thousands of pieces of data passing by on a daily basis. You are too busy to sort through and interpret the data. EastSight Consulting analyses the information from the custom research in the context of industry trends to reveal the most significant implications for clients. We will work with you side-by-side to implement our action-oriented recommendations in a partnership to increase the utilization and value of the project.

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