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Case Studies: New Market Opportunities

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These case studies are examples of EastSight Consulting CEO Parmelee Eastman's experience.

Analyzing Potential Markets for a New Product:

An Asian software firm wanted to launch its product in the huge US market, but needed guidance on which market segments to attack and in which order. The client’s software allocated revenue and profit to all parties in an online transaction so the more complex the industry, the more opportunity for the client. The top ten possible markets were ranked based on complexity, market size, number of participants, growth rate, sales channels, and salient characteristics. Within each segment, the top ten industry players were listed by revenue and profits. A summary of each company’s position and strategy aided the assessment process. With this combination of quantitative facts and qualitative analysis, the firm could make the hard, but necessary priority decisions.

Results: The client utilized its limited resources to launch its product in the two industries with the greatest revenue potential.

Dealing with A Complex Competitive Landscape:

A leader in the computer telephony integration (CTI) space sought to leverage its strong market share in products with a service line. However, the company did not know which established and emerging organizations already offered services in this fluid and fast-paced marketplace. The majority of CTI applications lie in the CRM space, which has been a popular, though unrealized area, for a number of years. Many firms claim CRM capabilities although some are products are simply re-packaged applications with a new CRM label. In addition, the client believed that it needed to establish partnerships in order to maximize its reach in this new market. We suggested a two-phased approach. First, we performed a broad assessment of potential market players based on secondary literature and primary research with industry experts. We jointly prioritized the companies based an initial evaluation of service capabilities and tendencies to partner. The second phase of the research consisted of an in-depth examination of the strongest direct competitors and the companies with the best partnering opportunities. A series of interviews with senior executives at these companies revealed their real commitment to, and strategy for the CRM market.

Result: The client approached only those companies receptive to partnering and did not reveal sensitive information on its plans to organizations that were really competitors.

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Developing and Launching an International PC Financing Program Quickly:

A manufacturer of PCs sought to establish a new financing program which would eventually be rolled out worldwide. However, the client needed to prioritize the effort for the first group of 25 countries to insure a smooth launch. Potential sources of economic and financial data that would be consistent across all the countries were investigated. Data from these secondary sources, such as the IMF, was combined with primary information from US-based and in-country experts to summarize the potential in each country. Qualitative information was quantified using various techniques to allow all the data to be analyzed in a single spreadsheet-based weighted index. The client used this objective evaluation of this complex topic to support its prioritization plans.

The company needed to partner with an existing financing organization to launch its program so research was commissioned to understand the current state of the PC leasing market, the characteristics of well-regarded plans and industry participants who could be potential partners. The specific topics included the low-end leasing market, and the programs offered by major manufacturers, distributors, and resellers to end users of systems. We determined which leasing programs were in-house, which were alliances and which leasing companies had expertise in the low-end leasing market. With information on these topics, the client could approach the best-qualified leasing partners to negotiate a best-in-class financing program.

Results: A best-in-class leasing program was developed and rolled out quickly allowing the client to increase the sales of its PC products as well as generate financing income.

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Exploring the Opportunities in Metrics Consulting:

A brand-name IT firm decided to explore the establishment of a consulting practice in metrics which are business performance measures used in decision-making, assessing rewards and penalties, and monitoring contracts and service-level agreements. We did a wide sweep of potential participants in this new area, then identified the leading players and their focus in this dynamic field, where definitions and capabilities are rapidly expanding. Topics in this engagement included determining how metrics are typically implemented, their uses in areas ranging from supply-chain management, to customer satisfaction to outsourcing, and key drivers for further growth. An added bonus to the research was an understanding of which market leaders were open to new partnerships or alliances.

Results: These findings helped the client decide whether to emphasize data gathering or analysis in its own approach to the market, and to design a strategy for thought leadership to provide maximum value to its client base.

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Profile of a Potential Global Partner:

A major manufacturer of business-oriented communications systems sought to develop new markets among consumers for its technology. However, the company did not want to develop and market to consumer segments on its own. The strategy was to provide functionality to consumer products manufacturers so they could add communications attributes to their products. The company commissioned an overview of a global powerhouse in consumer products, including executive background and style, financial results for key products, existing alliances and their benefits, legal actions, and manufacturing strategy.

Results: The company used the profile as a basis for internal discussions on whether or not to move forward.

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Initial Evaluation of an Acquisition Candidate:

A large communications firm read in the trade press that a merger agreement between two software companies had just been canceled, ostensibly because of changing market conditions. One of these companies had unique software application that would complement the client's product suite and provide additional revenue. However, before the firm would approach the candidate it wanted to understand the actual reasons for the failure of the merger. In addition, the firm needed information on the candidate's performance by product category to truly evaluate its attractiveness as an acquisition prior to approaching it. An independent research effort discovered that the failure to close the merger was due to financial problems at the larger company and that the complementary product category had relatively strong performance.

Results: The firm had enough information to decide to move forward to a more detailed assessment of the company.

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